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SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation” is the process of making a web page or website more visible in search engines for specific search terms.

SEO Example 1 – Andy Field Is a Gloucester based magician so would be sensible if potential customers searching for magician in Gloucester found towards the top of the search results. “”Search On Google””

SEO Example 2 – I also as my main job fix computers in Gloucester so some one searching on Google for computer repairs Gloucester would be someone who I would like to visit my website.

This does not happen immediately but over time and with a little effort your website has the potential to come towards the top of the organic (Not Paid) search results.

What Is The Most Important Consideration of SEO?

Thoroughly researching what people actually search for to find your product, you would be surprised how different people search on search engines. We can work together to build a list of searches people are more likely to search for I also ask advice from a group of people of different ages, sexes and backgrounds for their input on your product or service. This then covers all bases.

The text of your website including titles and photo titles should incorporate words and phrases from our list. Your site text should always be interesting, legible and accurate in the first place but try and place these words if possible.

Once your site is in place people will want to link to your website if they like it, the use of these keywords in the link is also very important. I have a list of sites that you can post your website on, these also include the most popular social networking sites. The more your site is talked about on the Internet the better.

How Do You Measure Success Of My Websites SEO ?

When setting up your website or taking over one of the first things I do is to install “Google Analytics” this tool allows me and you to monitor all information about visitors to your website. Google Analytics allows you to study the following.

  • Which websites referred visitors to your site?
  • What was typed into search engines for people to find your website?
  • How many visitors you get in a day, week or month?
  • What devices are people using when viewing your website?

This list does not show you the full capability of Google Analytics which will probably amaze you. For a full detailed feature list “See Here”

Website Hosting Affects Search Engine Performance

If you target UK based customers it is best to have a UK IP address for your website host.

I recommend “Krystal Hosting” a good, reliable and fairly priced host.