Web Site Promotion

How To Promote Your Website

After years of building websites for people I have just assembled a website to advertise my website design service. I pride myself in building sites that’s first purpose is to get relevant visitors (new customers for you) to the website. I always consider this first before any other aspect of design.

Promoting Websites

A website can be promoted in lots of ways, although a promotion strategy will very much depend on your products or services and your target market.

Example Website Promotion Strategies

Search Engine Promotion – Getting visitors from potential customers using any of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo & Bing. More about Search Engine Promotion.

Promotion Using Social Networks – Using social networks to connect and build relationships with potential customers to your website.

Online Advertising – There are lots of ways you can purchase advertising space on websites to promote your brand. This very much depends on budgets and your target audience.

Videos & Multimedia – Some products or services can be promoted by creating videos and multimedia. Some of these go very viral bringing vast numbers of visitors to your website. YouTube is the most popular. Example : Andy Field Magician Put a few videos on YouTube to save on website bandwidth for some demo visitors for his magician business. He is now the 2nd most popular magician online and has had more than 7 million video views. More about video promotion.

Offline Promotion – Using magazines, publications or leaflets to encourage customers to your website.

I am also willing to help you improve the performance of your existing website & Internet presence. This means I can set up systems, provide advice & tasks for you to action, all with the aim of getting your website more relevant visitors.

Please Email me with any enquiries. Richard Meekwebsites@isomerise.co.uk