Today’s Research On Effectiveness Of A Mobile Version Of My Websites

A lot of my clients are getting marketing calls from companies pointing out that their website does not look good on a mobile phone and claiming over 50% of visitors to sites are now on a mobile.

I decided they may have a point and decided to research the impact on my clients.

What Did I Discover?

I discovered about 30% of visitors to all sites I have Google Analytics for are now from mobile phones.   Some sites just don’t look right on a mobile phone but great on laptops, PC’s, Tablets & Televisions.

Further research showed that mobile visitors are not great readers they just want to find then call, email or order quickly.


There are a few sites you can test what your website looks like on a phone including.

Thus concluding a mobile website version should be;

  • Brief and concise.
  • Look right on a mobile.
  • Ease of email or phone direct by 1 click.
  • Linked to social networks effectively.
  • Also have the option to browse the full site if required.